Growing With NAP Training Programs

NAP proven proprietary system was created to educate and coach entrepreneurs on how to buy non-performing mortgages, from big banks and hedge funds, and turn them into a working asset. Once trained, our trade desk features an inventory of pre-qualified, delinquent loans nationwide, ready for purchase.

Note Lab Workshop | e-Course Online Training | Hands On Training

Hands On Training

One-on-one coaching with an experienced N.A.P. Note Advisor to help you buy your first Note!

Hands On Training

Our unique hands-on-training program gives you direct access to the resources and counsel of the N.A.P. team. We’ll guide you through the process of becoming a successful note investor which includes giving you access to our coveted trade desk. You will receive weekly one-hour calls with one of our experienced Note Advisors who will advise you on the process from due diligence all the way to your preferred exit strategy. It is our personal mission to ensure you buy a note while you are part of the hands-on training program so this is only for investors who are ready to take action!

e-Course Online Training

Online training that will teach you the nuts and bolts of investing in distressed mortgage notes

e-Course Online Training

We’ve developed an easy to follow e-course that is designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to begin investing in mortgage notes. We take you all the way from the due diligence process through what to do once you reach your preferred exit strategy and everything in between. Let us guide you through the world of non-performing banknotes and show you how they can change the way you invest in real estate.

Note Lab Workshop

2-day interactive event teaching you the INs and OUTs of both performing and non-performing banknotes

Note Lab Workshop

Join us for our 2-day, fully interactive event where you learn everything you need to know about buying performing and non-performing banknotes. You will get access to some of our black book resources such as attorneys, insurance companies, retirement services, and more. In addition to unparalleled networking with former, existing, and new attendees. This is an event you do NOT want to miss!

NAP training team

Jasmine Willois


President & Founder of the Note Assistance Program has 26 years of  Investing in Real Estate Mortgage Note’s

Natosha Navarro

Vice President

The Vice President of the Note Assistance Program has 9 years of investing in Real Estate Mortgage Note’s